The Joseph's Anointing

What Is It?

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Genesis 37-50 

 In Genesis 37-50, we learn that Joseph was a skilled man in both business and in ministry. He was favored to possess such great gifts in both areas. This blessing is true today for those who are operating successfully in those areas as well. It is considered to be called the "Joseph's Anointing", This anointing comes with the ministry and marketplace mantles. The gifts that go with these mantles are:


Structure & Organization


Clarity & Decision Making


Vision & Mission


Drive & Determination

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Dr. Karen Ratliff

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Dr. Karen Ratliff was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago. She attended Southern Illinois University to obtain her BA in Organizational Leadership and Master’s in Education. She later obtained her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Curriculum Development and Instruction.

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